Wedge edges ice cross downhill championship

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Catch the best action from the thrilling final in Quebec City, Canada.

Switzerland’s Derek Wedge pulled off a stunning last-minute victory over defending champion Kyle Croxall on the Canadian’s home turf in what was the most exciting Red Bull Crashed Ice championship ever.

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The Movie Brothers


In 1979, when Iranian militants seize the American embassy, six Americans slip into the Canadian embassy for protection, prompting the CIA to concoct an elaborate plot to rescue them by pretending that they are filmmakers rather than diplomats.

Rating: 8 out of 10

I was pleased to see Argo win best picture. It was definitely deserving of it, and I applaud Ben Affleck for his skill as a director and storyteller.

This movie kept me on edge and glued the entire time. While it has slower parts, they’re all with purpose. In truth, I never knew this story. It happened the year I was born, but it’s also one that never came to light until the details were publicly released by President Bill Clinton — and at that time, I was a college student not paying close attention to the news.

Argo is a gripping political thriller, with excellent…

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Valkyrian Music

Symphonic rockers Delain have been announced for the Metal Female Voices Festival in Belgium, which is regarded by many fans as one of the world’s best festivals for “female-fronted” metal acts. Delain will be joining the likes of ReVamp and Stream of Passion, amongst others in October. The Metal Female Voices Festival will take palce from 18th – 20th October later this year at Oktoberhallen, Wieze in Belgium.

Delain recently signed to Napalm Records and will be releasing a special album, titled Interlude, that will feature brand new material, DVD footage and remixes and special versions of other Delain tracks. UK fans will also have the chance to see Delain at this year’s Dames of Darkness Festival at The Robin 2, in Bilston, near Wolverhampton.

Details of The Dames of Darkness Festival and be found here. Information and tickets for the Metal Female Voices Festival can be…

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Valkyrian Music

Dani Filth, the infamous frontman for the UK’s extreme gothic act Cradle of Filth, has joined British band Devilment. Originally formed in 2011 by Daniel J Finch, in what is described as a “bout of religious delirium”, the band’s line-up consisted of Simon Dawson on drums (Steve Harris, ex-Dearly Beheaded), Justin Walker (13 Candles) handling bass duties and Kieron De-Courci (ex-The Voice) on keyboards with the band experiencing a number of problems holding down a permanent vocalist.

Dani Filth originally entered and agreed to help out on a couple tracks which then turned into a studio demo. With the departure of Dawson, Walker and De-Courci, Devilment collected Nick Johnson on bass, Dan Jackson on guitar alongside Aaron Boast on drums.

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Valkyrian Music

The Slovenian folk metallers Avven will embark on a tour of Eastern Europe this April.

The tour dates will be as follows:

2.4.2013 Tuesday SI-Ljubljana Orto Bar

12.4.2013 Friday SI-Maribor MC Pekarna

13.4.2013 Saturday SK-Bratislava Randal

14.4.2013 Sunday PL-Warszawa Fono Bar

15.4.2013 Monday PL-Warszawa DAY OFF

16.4.2013 Tuesday PL-Bielsko- Biala DAY OFF

17.4.2013 Wednesday PL-Bielsko-Biala Rude Boy

18.4.2013 Thursday PL-Chorzów Lesniczowka

19.4.2013 Friday CZ-Brno Melodka

20.4.2013 Saturday CZ-Prague Klub Nova Chmelnice

21.4.2013 Sunday PL-Wroclaw Madness

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Valkyrian Music

Irish black metallers, Celtachor, who recently shared the stage with Heidevolk in York, have penned a deal with Trollzorn Records. Formed in 2007, with a finalised line-up in 2010, the Celtic metal band have gone onto share the stage with top folk metal names like Alestorm, Skyforger, Heidevolk and Waylander, amongst others. Blending together influences from black, death and doom metal, as well as traditional Celtic medleys, Celtachor firmly established themselves as one of the top bands in Ireland’s underground metal scene.

Celtachor’s debut album, Nine Waves From The Shore, was released in November 2012 but is now available from Trollzorn’s online shop, at this location. The band’s next release will be out towards the end of 2013 and will be released through Trollzorn Records.

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Valkyrian Music

The Eerie Constellation
Released 22nd February 2013
Atmospheric Black Metal
Released via Cursed Records

The Eerie Constellation is the third album from the Austrian atmospheric black metal band Valfeanor. It is the follow up to their 2009 album ‘Noreia’. The band was formed back in 2002 under the name Mortar which was then changed to Valfeanor in 2005.

After the soothing keyboard intro Interlude we get to the first real track on here; Lethe Jenseits which offers a delicate balance of harsh black metal vocals, melodic guitar riffs and steady drumming intertwined with the aforementioned atmospheric keyboards. It’s non-identical twin Lethe Diesseits is the longer, more complex of the two and sees emphasis shift towards the guitars and the vocals take a turn towards the old Mayhem-style howling. Interestingly enough, the melodic keyboards do make a comeback towards the latter half of the song which helps to retain that…

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Valkyrian Music

Dutch symphonic metal outfit ReVamp, fronted by Floor Jansen who recently completed a world tour with Nightwish as their stand-in vocalist, have been added the line-up for this year’s Metal Female Voices Festival in Belgium. ReVamp will playing alongside bands such as Stream of Passion and Visions of Atlantis.

More details on the festival can be found here and tickets can be purchased from this link.

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Valkyrian Music

Dark metallers Foscor are in the Nautilus Studios in Barcelona to begin recording their fourth full-length album. The new album, to be titled Those Horrors Wither, is the follow up to 2009’s Groans to the Guilty and marks an expansion in the band’s musical direction, away from the strict confines of black metal. Work has already started on the drum tracks, and Foscor will be posting regular updates and photos from the recording sessions on their Facebook page at this location.

With a current line-up that comprises Falke (Soul Aside, Fayrierie, ex-LuxDivina) and A.M. (ex-Vidres A La Sang) on guitars, Fiar (Melangia, Dawn Of Hate, Cabestro, live session vocalist for Graveyard) on bass and vocals, and Nechrist (ex-Shemhamphorash) on drums, FOSCOR was formed in Barcelona in 1997 and spent their first…

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