A Breach Of Silence

A Breach Of Silence – Dead Or Alive (CD)

Eclipse Records These guys have a solid sound and I am finding an honesty to their music. The production is not trying to make the sound something that it is not, which I appreciate. For the most part, I guess this would fall into some death-core or metal-core category that falls nicely into the realm of bands like Black Dahlia but with some occasional clean vocals that don’t sound too whiny. Cheers to that!

Although there is a strong feeling of some hardcore influences, they do not neglect to add some technicality and emotion with some driving anthems that may cause the listener to want to break something or lift weights or whatever it is people do then they get all amped up.

Dare I compare it to something along the lines of Battlecross, whose music I sincerely love? That’s right, I admit it.

I fully support…

Recommended Tracks:
2. Dawn to Rise (Fantastic metal scream!)
4. Eyes of the Enemy (a little discotheque)
7. Night Rider (Woah… this one goes off)
9. Like Sands Through the Hour Glass (Hints of some classic rock and roll anthems here)
11. Final Breath (a nice finale that about sums ‘er all up)

There Will Be Blood official video


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