BATTLECROSSWar of Will (Metal Blade)

I remember coming across these guys on one of those late night excursions through random YouTube videos of metal bands I had never heard of. What I did not remember was recognizing how awesome they are. Holy cow! Their music is hard hitting and inspiring. They are welcome to join Amon Amarth in my imaginary “marching into battle band.” They have technicality, some original sounds, and great composition. Often times it is simply beautiful.

I am fairly certain all of these songs would serve to strengthen any given TWR program. Having to make selections, I recommend everyone just buy this album and listen to the following over and over.

Dare I say Flesh and Bone almost nods to Rush at some point? 

I do not recommend playing Never Coming Back because it’s not long enough. They deserve more.

Get Over It features a nice Death-like solo towards the end.

Possibly interesting side note: I first listened to this whilst out for a jog and ended up sprinting through the woods. Damn near had a heart attack.

Recommended tracks:

1. Force Fed Lies *
2. Flesh and Bone *
5. Get Over It
7. Wage A War
8. The Will To Overcome *

*-denotes metal honors


Kyle Gunther – Vocals
Tony Asta – Guitar
Hiran Deraniyagala – Guitar
Don Slater – Bass
Kevin Talley – Live Drums


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