Broken Hope

I was pretty sure there had to be some line-up changes over the years and fairly certain I knew what to expect concerning the sound. I was correct on both accounts and this is not a bad thing. Just think Chicago Death-Metal. It get’s the blood pumping, but is not the lightning-fast heaviness of some other bands.


BROKEN HOPE – Omen of Disease (Century Media)


The music is well-packed. That is to say it’s tight and heavy without any unnecessary baggage like super-djent-y guitar effects or anything like that.

The vocals are mostly deep growls that render the lyrics completely indecipherable, which is totally cool with me.

Is the listener the type of person who would be upset about not being able to hear the lyrics? If so, I must ask,

“how much better are you going to feel about yourself knowing the lyrics of a band called Broken Hope?”

The variety on this one is limited to very little. You either love it or hate it. I can’t imagine many people saying “yeah, I liked that one song but this other one totally sucked.”

Good representations include…
3. Ghastly
4. The Flesh Mechanic
7. The Docking Dead
9. Predacious Poltergeist (a little groovy)
11. Carnage Genesis (nice breakdown)


What's your beef?

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