Church of Misery

Church of MiseryThy Kingdom Scum (Rise Above/Metal Blade)

I did myself the pleasure of peeking at a press photo of Church of Misery whilst listening to their music. YES! Bucket hat and some round Lennon hippie glasses on a Japanese metaller.

I decided to grade this weeks musics taking the hats I think the band members would wear into consideration.

(headwear – bucket hat) Nice, long intro that I thought had as much of a chance of breaking out into a porn groove than metal. Unfortunately, they took it in the metal direction.

They are categorized as doom, but I hear just as much sludge and stoner as what would pass for doom. Plus, I don’t think of doom as being this “speedy” and progressive. They do have a nice heavy sound and the music varies enough so you don’t get bored.

The problem with bands like this is finding a song that is an appropriate running time for radio play. The good thing about this band is that they switch it up enough to make a 7+ minute song not boring.

1. B.T.K. (great song but instrumental)

Recommended track:
3. Brother Bishop

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