COUGH/WINDHAND – Reflection of the Negative (Relapse)

Cough/Windhand Split cover art


  • 1. COUGH – Athame
  • 2. WINDHAND – Amaranth
  • 3. WINDHAND – Shepherd’s Crook


April 16, 2013 –  North America

April 12, 2013  – Germany/Benelux

April 15, 2013 –  United Kingdom/World

Richmond, Virginia’s twin titans of doom team up for the split album of the year with Reflection Of The Negative. Cough deliver a typically electrifying one song down-tuned epic side, while Windhand serve up two brand new songs for their half of the dirge. This is premier doom at its absolute gloomiest. Exclusive Relapse super limited edition mail order only black/white combo vinyl available.


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Cough on Bandcamp

Windhand on Facebook

Windhand on Bandcamp

COUGH/WINDHAND review –  Not sure any of these epic doom situations are radio friendly, unless you need to take 2 simultaneous poops, or a poop and a nap. If this be the case, I recommend…

1. Athame

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