Death Mechanism

Scarlet RecordsDEATH MECHANISM – Twenty-First Century (Scarlet)

This one is quick and thrashy. It is similar to some old Slayer with black metal-ish vocals. This is a solid playlist that will fit the bill when some serious, straight-forward, aggressive thrash is called for. I tend to stick to more dynamic bands with a bit more variety, but these guys are like non-stop, and it works for them.

Evolutive Deviation features lots of crazy fills and time changes.

Recommended tracks:
2. Earthly Immortality
4. Evolutive Deviation
8. Centuries Of Lies
10. Collapse 2000 A.D.

Band Bio:

Thrash metallers Death Mechanism have signed a deal with Scarlet Records for the release of their new album ‘Twenty-First Century’. The band features singer/guitarist Pozza and drummer Manu from Bulldozer. After getting excellent response from both critics and metal fans with their debut album ‘Human Error Global Terror’ and having shared the stage with countless acts such as Bulldozer, Sadus, Sodom, Destruction, Tankard, Impaled Nazarene and many more, Death mechanism are ready to come back with an explosive new album, deeply rooted in Eighties Trash metal and bands such as Sadus, Coroner, Slayer and Kreator, but which also denotes a strong personality and visionary lyrics dealing with every day life and social issues. ‘Twenty-First Century’ was produced by Tommy Vetterli of Coroner/69 Chambers fame, which also plays a guitar solo on the track ‘Collapse 2000 A.D.’


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