Death SS

Death SSResurrection (Lucifer Rising)

I decided to grade this weeks musics taking the hats I think the band members would wear into consideration. (headwear – sparkly top hat or fez)

So,  Tim Curry‘s character from Rocky Horror started an electronic metal band.

Following the Gwar-B-Q, Death SS and Lordi are embarking on the Wait, Wait, Don’t Start the Intro Music, I’m Not In Costume Yet! Tour. I can only joke so much.

As it turns out, these guys put their first demo out when I was 1, so…

Recommended tracks:
3. The Darkest Night (One of the heavier songs on the list)
4. Dionysus (sounds like an old Nosferatu song)
7. Ogre’s Lullaby (heavy and slow as the name implies)
11. Precognition
12. Bad Luck (has a certain Ratt quality, and uses the “fuck” word)
6. Star In Sight (is very pretty)

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