DISCHORDIA – Project 19 (Rogue Records America)

I almost want to say that this one tries to fit within the confines of traditional death metal, but it’s like a restless child that wont stay still. It’s heavy and brutal and all that, but it dangles and strings you along before settling into a groove you can bang your head to. I don’t think that is accidental because it sounds like they are playing around with this “on the edge” kinda style. Lots of chugga chugg and drum fills.

Inline image 1

Torches has a crazy experimental progressive thing going on. Crazy tuning. A little different than what’s expected. I like it.

Madhouse clocks in right at 6 minutes. It has a cool, metal, jam band-like beginning. Funky. Neurosis/Isis-like breakdown just beyond the halfway point to mix things up. Comes back strong!

Condemning Certainty is heavy hitting, also has a chill breakdown. Other songs on this album are good, but around the 8 minute mark. Good for listening, too long for TWR.

 Recommended tracks:

2. Torches

4. Madhouse

8. Condemning Certainty


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