They have a guitarist named Chuck Schuler (aww man. So close!)

The music here is really good and the sound quality is excellent. The bass is way up on the mix which scores extra credit from me. It’s progressive, in a Tool (and I guess A Perfect Circle) kind of way.

It is not overly brutal (or really brutal at all). It’s the kind of metal you don’t have to really listen to to enjoy, if that makes any sense.

The vocals verge on corny or silly (male Kesha-esque) but the music is often totally redeeming, like the prog goodness of #12 Symbols of Time. #9 Resolution is an excellent instrumental with metal band, cello, piano, trippy keyboards & such. Plus, some nice metal on Wall Dancer.

IVANHOE – Systematrix (Massacre)

Recommended tracks:

2. Human Letargo

3. Tin Can Liberty

6. Learning Path

7. Wall Sancer

8. Seduction

9. Resolution

12. Symbols of Time

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