MUMAKILFlies Will Starve (Relapse)

Release Dates
June 25, 2013 – N.America
June 21, 2013 – Germany/Benelux
June 24, 2013 – UK/World


Swiss Grind monsters return to the fold with their second Relapse full length Flies Will Starve.  Four years in the making, Flies Will Starve further establishes Mumakil as behemoths of the grind-scene -24 overgrown songs of pounding blasting fury that make you feel like you’ve been run over by a herd of the fictional multi-tusked elephant beasts from which the band derived their name.  An absolute must for grind-freaks the world over.

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Brutal Truth, Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Rotten Sound, Misery Index


Mumakil Official Website

Mumakil on Facebook

Mumakil on Bandcamp

Grind! Know how I can tell? Only one song tops the 2 minute mark. And that is #24.


Now I will try to decipher the good from the great here. I knew I loved Dawn of Slugs because of the name, but I think it’s pretty solid in backing up such a swarthy moniker. I actually could see myself slipping on my leg warmers and exercising to Get Exorcised.

Army of Freaks. Imagine that! Wrong Turn manages to squeeze some variety in little over one minute.

Recommended tracks:

2. Dawn of Slugs

8. Get Exorcised

11. Army of Freaks

13. Cockroaches

14. Wrong Turn

20. Begging for the Obvious

and #21-24 (No, I’m not being lazy. They all have something to offer).

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