NEGATOR – Gates To The Pantheon (Prosthetic)

Here we go.

Although these guys do not seem to be seeking the same true black metal cred as PEST, they really have their shit together.

The drummist is nasty, dirty-talk on the kit.

This is nice, TIGHT, heavy, black metal that drops some talent like balls on your forehead. Epiclesis has a great “national anthem of Mordor” style intro that blazes right into some heavy duty “new” black metal sweetness. Nergal, The Raging King has a funny title. *You have to play this, just so I can hear you say that title. Plus, its a sick song!

Recommended tracks:

Released May 14, 2013

1. Epiclesis

3. The Last Sermon

5. Nergal, The Raging King

7. The Urge For Battle


German quintet NEGATOR — whose sounds of blackened death have been dubbed “panzer metal” — sound more bloodthirsty than ever on their fourth album (and Prosthetic debut) “Gates To The Pantheon.”

Celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2013, the group — whose first three albums cemented their reputation as one of Germany’s top extreme
metal acts — features the vocals of Nachtgarm, who is a former member of Swedish black metal legends Dark Funeral. In fact, Nachtgarm was recruited to join Dark Funeral soon after the release of NEGATOR’s previous release, 2010’s acclaimed “Panzer Metal,” which the group supported at major international metal festivals such as With Full Force and Wacken Open Air.

Produced and recorded by Eike Freese (Gamma Ray, Callejon, Dark Age) at Hamburg’s Hammer Studios, “Gates To The Pantheon” features nine unholy tracks sure to please both longtime fans and new converts. Kick open the gates, and let the blackness surround you!

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