Orphaned Land

Orphaned Land:
Kobi Farhi – Vocals
Uri Zelha – Bass
Yossi Sassi – Electric Guitars, Bouzouki, Cumbus, Acoustic & Nylon-strings Guitars
Chen Balbus – Electric Guitars, Glockenspiel, Keyboards Programming
Matan Shmuely – Drums

ORPHANED LANDAll is One (Century Media)

Israel’s breakthrough band Orphaned Land – the pioneers of Oriental metal – have returned with All Is One and an in-your-face message for everyone to embrace:

 “People should be judged by their hearts and inner sincerity, not their religious beliefs.”

The album begins with a triumphant Therion-like intro, but I almost feel as though it would have a greater affect if I could understand the lyrics a little less.

I respect how they take such a non-metal stance on society and deliver it in such a Middle Eastern, inspired metal way.

Brother is a sweet love song. I can’t not recommend this. Be warned: this song is best whispered in the ear of certain bearded metal lovers (TWR Dept. of Production, General K. Przybyl)

Ya Benaye is killer! No subtitles.

Through Fire and Water is more Therion, mostly instrumental.

Recommended tracks:

1. All is One

3. Brother

9. Ya Benaye

5. Through Fire and Water

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