PEST – The Crowning Horror (Agonia)

I get it, I really do. You are TRUE black metal! The band bio reads,

PEST (Swe) was formed in 1997 by Necro and Equimanthorn. PEST plays pure Black Metal in the old vein, no females or keyboards involved!

I do not think that justifies shitty fucking production quality. It worked for some of the first-wave bands like Darkthrone and Mayhem, because it sounded cold and dark and got all psychological, like there was really a chance these guys could come out of the speakers and eat your soul.

The Funeral Hours is a fantastic-ly dark intro to A Face Obscured By Death, which features some great double bass and nice time changes, butt I like Volcanic Eyes. This ditty moves! Why can I understand every word?

However, with the popularity of black metal these days, bands have a responsibility to step it up and let some traditions go. In this case, I found the quality got in the way of enjoying some fine black metal.

Recommended tracks:

1. The Funeral Hours

2. A Face Obscured By Death

3. Volcanic Eyes


Pest returns with new merciless album of old school black metal

Pest commented:

After years of silence a new wave of black death will finally strike the world. The plague is upon us. Bring the darkness!

Recommended for fans of Bathory, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Nifelheim or older Deströyer 666 and similar.


1. The Funeral Hours

2. A Face Obscured By Death

3. Volcanic Eyes

4. Devil’s Mark

5. Holocaust

6. The Abomination of the God

7. Thirteen Chimes

8. Demon

9. The Crowning Horror

10. Eternal Curse

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