Scale the Summit

Scale the SummitThe Migration (Prosthetic)

I am pretty sure there are some extended range instruments incorporated here. I have a great appreciation for extended range instruments for some reason.

Check out a video of contrabass saxophone (better yet a subcontrabass saxophone). There is something neat about sounds you don’t always hear in music.

This album has Animals as Leaders and Behold… The Arctopus qualities. It is technical enough that it does not need vocals and at times beautiful enough that vocals might just get in the way. I typically stray from recommending songs over 5 minutes, but here it doesn’t matter because the songs are so progressive the listener does not realize they are that long. All the songs are excellent.

I have tried to identify those that are the most metal:

1. Odyssey
4. Narrow Salient
6. Evergreen * (holy cow!)
7. The Dark Horse
10. The Traveler

What's your beef?

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