The Black Dahlia Murder

The Black Dahlia MurderEverblack (Metal Blade)

I decided to grade this weeks musics taking the hats I think the band members would wear into consideration. (headwear – crown of victims entrails)

I would ordinarily not give a band that sounded like this high grades in originality. However, since The Black Dahlia Murder have been doing this longer than most bands with this sound (2000), they get extra credit for keeping this metalcore/deathcore, whatever style, exciting.

As would be expected, the brutality of these songs is maxed out. They are technical enough and tight. I recommend the last stretch of the album.

Recommended tracks:
7. Blood Mine (awesome)
8. Every Rope a Noose (awesome)
9. Their Beloved Absentee (awesome)
10. Map of Scars (awesome)

What's your beef?

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