We Butter the Bread with Butter

We Butter the Bread with ButterProjekt Herz EP (self-released)

It has already been established that I think this band has to be comprised of some of the coolest people in the world (just because of that name).

Now for the music… It’s not as “club friendly” as ST4P, but it has excellent elements of industrial/electronic music mixed with some intense and melodic death metal. There are many metal bands mixing genres. Not many are successful in making something truly different. The nice thing is that it’s like two versions of the same song being played at the same time and both versions can stand well on their own.

Recommended tracks:

2. 1000 volt
4. USA (mid-tempo but on the brutal side)
5. Western Beta (this song is crazy! Like a western dance song with horns and metal and shit)
7. Soldat
(…but really they are all acceptable)

What's your beef?

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