Rivers of Nihil have unveiled the second track from their upcoming album, “The Conscious Seed of Light.” The brand new song, “Mechanical Trees,” is streaming exclusively at NoCleanSinging.com HERE.

Bassist Adam Biggs comments on the track:

“The lyrics paint a bleak picture of humanity’s future, wherein the environment has become so damaged that we are forced to rely on machines to create breathable oxygen for most living creatures. Eventually, this way of life becomes too much for Earth’s dwindling human population, so the powers that be lace the machines with hallucinogenic substances to ease the pain of death. While that seems bleak, this song is actually a lot of fun to play live. It contains some of the more difficult riffs on the record, while also maintaining a good deal of atmosphere.”

Rivers of Nihil, which also features vocalist Jake Dieffenbach, guitarists Jon Kunz and Brody Uttley, and drummer Ron Nelson, have added to their Fall touring schedule. In October, fans will be able to see Rivers of Nihil touring with Beneath the MassacreRings of Saturn, and Legion throughout the east coast. Confirmed dates can be seen below, as well as at facebook.com/riversofnihil.

The Conscious Seed of Light,” will be released on October 15th in North America and October 11/14 in Europe/UK via Metal Blade Records. The album was recorded in March of 2013 at Mana Recording Studios in Florida with famed metal producer/musician Erik Rutan.

Guitarist Brody Uttley said,

“Working with Erik was a true privilege. Coming from the DIY circuit and immediately recording with one of greatest death metal producers of all time pushed us all more than we ever could have expected, both as musicians and as people. We have grown tremendously as a band in all aspects because of our experience with Erik.”

Born from the ruins of their decaying hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania, Rivers of Nihil are on a relentless path of taking their music to the next level. Formed in 2009 the modern progressive death metal quintet’s music is as dark and heavy as the coal and iron their home city was built upon, taking influences from some of death metal’s heaviest, most abrasive hitters: Morbid Angel, Gojira, Spawn of Possession, and Decapitated, to name a few.

w/ Beneath the Massacre, Rings of Saturn, Legion
10/04 Amityville, NY Revolution
10/05 Albany, NY Bogies
10/06 Wilmington, DE Mojo 13 (Death Fest)
10/08 Springfield, VA Empire
10/09 Jeannette PA Gators
10/10 Rochester, NY Dubland Underground
10/11 Trenton, NJ Championship Bar & Grill
10/12 New York, NY Tobacco Road
10/13 Worcester, MA The Palladium
w/ Abiotic, Dying Fetus, Exhumed, Devourment
10/26 Minneapolis, MN Skyway Theatre
10/27 Chicago, IL Reggie’s
10/28 Madison, WI The High Noon Saloon
10/29 Cleveland, OH Peabody’s
10/30 Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance
10/31 Worcester, MA The Palladium (Upstairs)
11/01 New York, NY The Gramercy Theater
11/02 Springfield, VA Empire



NEPHELIUM Announce Tour Dates


Nephelium, the brutal death metal band that traces its roots back to the late 1990s from the city of Dubai, UAE and have re-established themselves in Toronto, Canada for the last decade are proud to announce they will be supporting technical death metal band Beneath The Massacre on June 29 in Toronto, ON at The Rockpile alongside Blastmycosis, Left Hand Creation, Enter Euphoria, Dead 3 Days, and Taken In Bloodshed. Nephelium will also be performing on Canada Day, July 1 in Oshawa, ON at The Diezel Room with Esoteric Doctrine, Bloodless Child, Jinn Arcana.

nephelium - merciless annihilation (full album digital download at nephelium.bandcamp.com)

Coils of Entropy Album Stream – http://nephelium.bandcamp.com

Single Stream Link = Merciless Annihilation – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRE2UpktFdg

Nephelium released their brutal six track masterpiece Coils of Entropy at the beginning of 2012 to international praise along with winning the Best Metal category at the Toronto Independent Music Awards and taking the #9 position on the Top 20 of 2012 Canadian College Radio Loud Charts.

CD Cover Design: Juanjo Castellano (JuanCastellano.com)

Logo Design: Christopher Horst

Track Listing:

1. Burial Ground 05:04

2. Merciless Annihilation 06:18

3. Hellborne 05:02

4. Malediction 08:52

5. Halls of Judgment 05:56

6. Coils of Entropy 10:15

All songs written & performed by: Nephelium

Photo: Zhubin Salehi


Album Line Up:

Boyan Guerdjikov – Vocals

Alex Zubair – Guitars

Dan Glover – Guitars

Jay Cockerill – Bass

Alan Madhavan – Drums




For more info, tour dates and music from Nephelium, please visit these following links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nephelium

Twitter @nephelium

Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/nephelium

Show Dates:

Saturday, June 29, 2013 – The Rockpile – Toronto, ON – w/ Beneath The Massacre, Blastmycosis, Left Hand Creation, Enter Euphoria, Dead 3 Days, Taken In Bloodshed – Show Details

Monday, July 1, 2013 – The Diezel Room – Oshawa, ON – w/ Esoteric Doctrine, Bloodless Child, Jinn Arcana – Show Details


Dubai is where, in the late 1990s, guitarist Alex Zubair and drummer Alan Madhavan came together to form Nephelium, guided by the sole vision of a band comprised of equal parts complexity and brutality.

Staying true to the roots of death metal, Nephelium was quick to forge ahead with experimentation, pulling in influences from metal and other genres.

With the hope of spreading Nephelium’s insidious gospel across the world, Zubair and Madhavan settled in Toronto, Canada where they completed the band’s lineup and immediately began playing shows and tearing up local stages, which quickly led to opening slots for metal heavyweights Skinless and Deicide.

Following a tumultuous journey spanning ten years, two continents and countless lineup changes, Nephelium is ready to once again give the death metal world a good shaking with the release of their debut album, Coils of Entropy.

The embodiment of Nephelium’s journey to striking the perfect balance between technical death metal, old school metal and Arabian melodies, Coils of Entropy is a six-track masterpiece set to breathe new life into today’s dwindling death metal landscape.

WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH Release Video, Embark On European Tour

Germany’s WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH released a new music video featuring the track Vertigo.

The band recently embarked on a European tour as part of Bonecrusher Fest. The tour starts today in Köln, Germany. WFAHM are playing alongside JOB FOR A COWBOY, BENEATH THE MASSACRE, and GOROD. A full list of tour dates can be found on the TOUR DATES page (see tab above).

Previously, WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH released a lyric video for Scopophobia.

WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH released Voyeur on November 6, 2012. It is available as a CD Digipack (limited to the first pressing), an LP (with digital download card), and a CD/T-Shirt bundle. The limited edition Digipack includes two bonus tracks and the LP includes one bonus track. Both editions, as well as the exclusive Voyeur t-shirt, are available now at the Season of Mist E-shop. The album is streaming in it’s entirety via Bandcamp.

WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH website, Facebook, Twitter and Myspace pages


Prosthetic Records MP3 Sale

AMAZON MP3 is currently offering numerous albums from the PROSTHETIC RECORDS catalog in their current “Metal Sale” for only $5. Among the discounted titles are some of PROSTHETIC’s top releases from past and present artists, including KYLESA, LAMB OF GOD, GOJIRA, ANIMALS AS LEADERS, THE ACACIA STRAIN, SKELETONWITCH, TESTAMENT, MARTY FRIEDMAN, SCALE THE SUMMIT and dozens more. A full list of $5 albums available along with purchase links can be found below.

You can also download 14 FREE tracks via the PROSTHETIC RECORDS winter digital sampler exclusively on the label’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/prostheticrecords), which includes tracks from upcoming albums from both HOLY GRAIL (Ride The Void, out Jan. 22) and ANCIENT VVISDOM (Deathlike, out Feb. 5). You can pre-order both of these titles by clicking HERE or going to www.indiemerch.com/prostheticrecords/pre-orders.

Check out all of the below titles on sale for only $5 on Amazon now!

1349 – “Demonoir” – http://amzn.to/XiasQE
The Acacia Strain – “Wormwood” – http://amzn.to/UHCA2U
The Acacia Strain – “Continent” – http://amzn.to/ZnshNZ
The Acacia Strain – “3750″- http://amzn.to/UUBsWO
The Acacia Strain – “The Most Known Unknown” – http://amzn.to/VR9Hfx
The Acacia Strain – “The Dead Walk” – http://amzn.to/UUBsWO
Ambassador Gun – “Golden Eagle” – http://amzn.to/XibBHW
Animals As Leaders – “Animals As Leaders” – http://amzn.to/U1Qp8u
Animals As Leaders – “Weightless” – http://amzn.to/WrzslS
Ancient VVisdom – “A Godlike Inferno” – http://amzn.to/VNzaY0
Antagonist – “Exist” – http://amzn.to/Uz41qh
Antagonist – “World In Decline” – http://amzn.to/Uz47yc
Beneath The Massacre – “Incongruous” – http://amzn.to/Uz4mJq
Beneath The Massacre – “Dystopia” – http://amzn.to/UUxU76
Beneath The Massacre – “Maree Noire” – http://amzn.to/UHyh3N
Byzantine – “The Fundamental Component” – http://amzn.to/VbagV5
Byzantine – “And They Shall Take Up Serpents” – http://amzn.to/WvdeiF
Byzantine – “Oblivion Beckons” – http://amzn.to/VR5qsz
Book of Black Earth – “The Cold Testament” – http://amzn.to/VJ6CBo
Book of Black Earth – “Horoskopus” – http://amzn.to/U1QOrG
Black September – “Into The Darkness Into The Void” – http://amzn.to/Uz3QLw
Black September – “The Forbidden Gates Beyond” – http://amzn.to/VNzw0B
Cannae – “Gold Becomes Sacrifice” – http://amzn.to/UUzKol
Cannae – “Horror” – http://amzn.to/ZnoBeY
Castle – “Blacklands” – http://amzn.to/VR7ktk
Century – “Black Ocean” – http://amzn.to/ZnowrR
Century – “Red Giant” – http://amzn.to/VR7C3p
Clinging To The Trees of a Forest Fire – “Songs of Ill Hope and Desperation” –http://amzn.to/SiFfiE
Crematorium – “For All Our Sins” – http://amzn.to/VJaLFn
Crematorium – “The Process of Endtime” – http://amzn.to/TJsV9n
Dew-Scented – “Icarus”  – http://amzn.to/XK3VCn
Dew-Scented – “Invocation” – http://amzn.to/UHzCrv
Dragged Into Sunlight – “Widowmaker” – http://amzn.to/ZDTVei
Dragged Into Sunlight – “Hatred For Mankind” – http://amzn.to/SiFJ8t
The Esoteric – “With The Sureness of Sleepwalking” – http://amzn.to/Uz8jxU
The Esoteric – “Subverter” – http://amzn.to/VR9tVK
Everything Went Black – “Cycles of Light” – http://amzn.to/UHE5y0
The Funeral Pyre – “The Nature of Betrayal” – http://amzn.to/ZDVBUZ
The Funeral Pyre – “Vultures At Dawn” – http://amzn.to/U1YmL3
The Funeral Pyre – “Wounds” – http://amzn.to/UUCaDF
Gojira – “The Way of All Flesh” – http://amzn.to/Wvkc7r
Gojira – “From Mars To Sirius” – http://amzn.to/XK5OPC
The Greenery – “Spit & Argue” – http://amzn.to/WrFgMv
Grief of War – “Worship” – http://amzn.to/10cX3yQ
Grief of War – “A Mounting Crisis…As Their Fury Got Released” –http://amzn.to/VR9OaW
Heaven’s Cry – “Wheels of Impermanence” – http://amzn.to/13gOIYK
Himsa – “Hail Horror” – http://amzn.to/SiHv9z
Himsa – “Courting Tragedy & Disaster” – http://amzn.to/Vbovci
Hollow Corp. – “Cloister of Radiance” – http://amzn.to/U1ZazA
Holy Grail – “Crisis In Utopia” – http://amzn.to/Uz9kpF
Hour of Penance – “Sedition” – http://amzn.to/UUEhr8
I Exist – “II: The Broken Passage” – http://amzn.to/UUCwtY
Infernaeon – “A Symphony of Suffering” – http://amzn.to/UUCKBm
Infernaeon – “Genesis To Nemesis” – http://amzn.to/XiiSYp
Invocation of Nehek – “Invocation of Nehek” – http://amzn.to/TJvLet
Kylesa – “To Walk A Middle Course” – http://amzn.to/THxgtM
Kylesa – “Time Will Fuse Its Worth” – http://amzn.to/119OTGV
Kylesa – “Static Tensions” – http://amzn.to/TZ29Zw
Lamb of God – “As The Palaces Burn” – http://amzn.to/VbpGIO
Light This City – “The Hero Cycle” – http://amzn.to/13f26xB
Light This City – “Remains of the Gods” – http://amzn.to/TJwiNv
Light This City – “Facing The Thousand” – http://amzn.to/WvrdFl
Landmine Marathon – “Sovereign Descent” – http://amzn.to/XijxZO
Landmine Marathon – “Rusted Eyes Awake” – http://amzn.to/VbqJbG
Landmine Marathon – “Gallows” – http://amzn.to/RED8UQ
Last Chance To Reason – “Level 2” – http://amzn.to/13gQmts
Mantric – “The Descent” – http://amzn.to/UUEDOj
Marty Friedman – “Loudspeaker” – http://amzn.to/UHHlJK
Marty Friedman – “Future Addict” – http://amzn.to/VbqZYc
Marty Friedman – “Bad D.N.A.” – http://amzn.to/REDgDD
Mercenary – “Metamorphosis” – http://amzn.to/WrH6wI
The Minor Times – “Making Enemies” – http://amzn.to/ZE2cio
The Minor Times – “Summer of Wolves” – http://amzn.to/REDFWL
Mutilation Rites – “Empyrean” – http://amzn.to/WrHtHH
Neuraxis – “Asylon” – http://amzn.to/SiJkTP
Neuraxis – “The Thin Line Between” – http://amzn.to/Wvt1y9
Ov Hell – “The Underworld Regime” – http://amzn.to/VRc5mv
Primitive Weapons – “The Shadow Gallery” – http://amzn.to/WKvpSa
Reflux – “The Illusion of Democracy” – http://amzn.to/XK9LUu
Scale The Summit – “The Collective” – http://amzn.to/XikEJ0
Scale The Summit – “Carving Desert Canyons” – http://amzn.to/SiJqLn
Skeletonwitch – “Forever Abomination” – http://amzn.to/WrI0Jz
Skeletonwitch – “Beyond The Permafrost” – http://amzn.to/UUFkaw
Skeletonwitch – “Breathing The Fire” – http://amzn.to/REEaA9
Testament – “Live In Eindhoven ’87” – http://amzn.to/UzbzcC
Testament – “Live at the Fillmore” – http://amzn.to/10d02aG
Testament – “The Gathering” – http://amzn.to/11dcG8V
Testament – “First Strike Still Deadly” – http://amzn.to/VNHtmo
Testament – “Demonic” – http://amzn.to/VRcIwv
Through The Eyes of the Dead – “Malice” – http://amzn.to/UHGaGD
Through The Eyes of the Dead – “Bloodlust” – http://amzn.to/13gRLQP
Through The Eyes of the Dead – “Skepsis” – http://amzn.to/UHGnJO
Trap Them – “Darker Handcraft” – http://amzn.to/13gRU6U
Unholy – “New Life Behind Closed Eyes” – http://amzn.to/XKbby9
White Arms of Athena – “Astrodrama” – http://amzn.to/VNHQgT
Withered – “Folie Circulaire” – http://amzn.to/XilEwW
Withered – “Dualitas” – http://amzn.to/UHKUzJ
Wolves Like Us – “Late Love” – http://amzn.to/13gS5yS
Zodiac – “A Bit of Devil” – http://amzn.to/TJypkw


JOB FOR A COWBOY To Headline Bonecrusher Fest

American Extreme Metallers JOB FOR A COWBOY return to Europe in March to headline this year’s Bonecrusher Fest tour.

Comments the band:

“We are all excited to announce that we will be heading back over to Europe this spring to participate in the Bonecrusher Festival. After some long and hard contemplation (uhh huh huh huh), we decided it would be best to get back over to the lands of beer and honey to throw down with our friends in Beneath the Massacre and cruise around with some other cool bands and try and have a good time. It will be our first time headlining a proper tour overseas in just about 2 years, and we are ready to play some tunes, drink some brews and crush some snacks. Come get your bone crushed with a bunch of bearded dudes on high protein diets playing music way too fast!”


WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH (co-direct support)
01/03/13 – DE – Köln – Underground
02/03/13 – NL – Drachten – Iduna
03/03/13 – UK – Nottingham – Rescue Rooms
04/03/13 – UK – Glasgow – Cathouse
05/03/13 – UK – Leeds – Uni Mine
06/03/13 – UK – London – Underworld
07/03/13 – BE – Antwerpen – Trix
08/03/13 – FR – Savigny le Temple – Empreinte
09/03/13 – FR – Montauban – Rio
10/03/13 – ES – Madrid – Sala Caracol
11/03/13 – ES – Badalona – Sala Estraperlo
13/03/13 – LU – Esch-Alzette – Kulturfabrik
14/03/13 – CH – Yverdon-les-Bains – L’Amalgame
15/03/13 – CH – Aarau – Kiff
16/03713 – DE – München – Backstage
17/03/13 – AT – Graz – Explosiv
18/03/13 – DE – Würzburg – Posthalle
19/03/13 – DE – Berlin – Lido
20/03/13 – PL – Warsaw – Progresja
21/03/13 – CZ – Brno – Melodka
22/03/13 – DE – Chemnitz – Talschock
23/03/13 – DE – Rostock – Alte Zuckerfabrik
25/03/13 – FI – Helsinki – Nosturi
27/03/13 – SE – Stockholm – Göta Källare
28/03/13 – SE – Gothenburg – Brewhouse
29/03/13 – DK – Copenhagen – Pumpehuset
30/03/13 – DE – Bochum – Matrix


HEAVEN’S CRY Premiere New Track


Canadian progressive metallists HEAVEN’S CRY premiered the song Komma from the upcoming reissue of their second album, Primal Power Addiction. Listen to the exclusive track HERE or click the image above.

The first two HEAVEN’S CRY releases, Food For Thought Substitute, along with the follow-up, Primal Power Addiction, will be reissued by PROSTHETIC RECORDS on January 8.

Following the success of the band’s recently released comeback album Wheels of Impermanence. Both of the reissues feature revamped artwork as well as being newly remixed by Yannick St-Amand (Despised Icon, Beneath The Massacre, Kataklysm) and remastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia, Symphony X) in addition to Primal Power Addiction being re-sequenced. You can pre-order both albums on the PROSTHETIC IndieMerch store HERE (www.indiemerch.com/prostheticrecords/item/17436).

Wheels of Impermanence marked the first new music from the band (who originally formed in the early 90’s) in the past seven years. The band consists of Pierre St-Jean (Vocals/guitar), Sylvain Auclair (Vocals/bass), Eric Jarrin (Guitar,ex-Despised Icon), and René Lacharité (drums). They were most recently seen headlining the prestigious Prog-Power Festival Europe in the Netherlands and have since been announced to appear at the 2013 ProgPower USA Festival.

For more information on the band please visit:

HEAVEN’S CRY Premiere Remixed/Remastered Track

Canadian progressive metallists HEAVEN’S CRY are streaming the track Gaia‘s Judgement from the remixed and remastered reissue of their debut album, Food for Thought Substitute, exclusively through BraveWords.com HERE.

“Gaia’s Judgement was the first song I wrote with Sylvain (Auclair, bass/vocals) back in 1993, and the very first Heaven‘s Cry song”

says guitarist/vocalist Pierre St-Jean.

“It revolves around ecology, and how we are unconscious about our actions towards Gaia, which is The Earth personified as a goddess. Looking back, I think the topic is even more relevant today, for as a society, we were not as preoccupied about the environment back in the day as much as we are today!”

Guitarist Eric Jarrin (ex-Despised Icon) adds,

“It’s one of the first songs I heard before joining Heaven’s Cry, and I think it showcases the essence of what the band is, lyrically and musically. There’s the dual vocal attack, a lot of heavy riffing, some melodic parts; it’s really an epic prog song!” 

HEAVEN’S CRY’s first two releases, Food For Thought Substitute and follow-up Primal Power Addiction, will be reissued by PROSTHETIC RECORDS on January 8, following the success of the band’s recently released comeback album Wheels of Impermanence. Both reissues feature revamped artwork and have been newly remixed by Yannick St-Amand (Despised Icon, Beneath The Massacre, Kataklysm) and remastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia, Symphony X). You can pre-order both albums at the PROSTHETIC IndieMerch store HERE (www.indiemerch.com/prostheticrecords/item/17436).

Wheels of Impermanence marked the first new music from the band in the seven years. The band currently consists of St-Jean, Auclair, Jarrin and René Lacharité (drums). They were most recently seen headlining the prestigious ProgPower Europe festival in the Netherlands and have since been announced to appear at the 2013 ProgPower USA Festival.

For more information on the band please visit:

Prosthetic Records To Reissue HEAVEN’S CRY Albums

On the heels of the fall release of their acclaimed comeback release Wheels of Impermanence, Canadian progressive metallists HEAVEN’S CRY will reissue their first two albums, Food For Thought Substitute and Primal Power Addiction, on January 8, 2013.

The albums – which are now available for pre-order separately or as a specially-priced bundle – along with revamped artwork, have been newly remixed by Yannick St-Amand (Despised Icon, Beneath The Massacre, Kataklysm) and remastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia, Symphony X).

“I’m having a blast listening to our music the way we imagined it back then,” says vocalist/guitarist Pierre St-Jean

“Our music has multiple layers where guitars and bass play different parts to create textures, and since our music is less riff-oriented than what most rock and metal bands do, it’s important to hear every detail, every instrument clearly. That is now possible, thanks to Yannick and Jens.”

Guitarist Eric Jarrin (ex-Despised Icon) added,

“I’m so grateful that Prosthetic Records agreed to re-release our first two albums. We worked very hard writing those tunes but unfortunately, we did not have the resources at the time to make it sound the way we wanted it to. Having the opportunity to revisit these albums and give them a new polish, it finally feels like justice has been done to these songs. You know, in the making of a progressive album, every detail is important. Our goal has always been to make sure that the music and the lyrical content are coherent, and that every instrument plays its role in the process. Now that they have been remixed properly, you can hear the music we wrote in its entirety.”

HEAVEN’S CRY formed in the early ’90s in Montreal. Before long, founding members St-Jean and Sylvain Auclair (vocals, bass) signed with Canadian label Hypnotic Records and recorded their debut album Food For Thought Substitute in 1996. The album was simultaneously released in Japan and was awarded the #13 spot for “Metal Albums of 1996” in Burrn! Magazine. Subsequently, the band’s buzz spread throughout Europe and earned the band several “album of the month” features in many acclaimed magazines.

René Lacharité (drums) and Eric Jarrin (guitar, ex-Despised Icon) joined the band prior to the release of their second record, Primal Power Addiction, in 2002 on Dutch label DVS Records. The groundbreaking, critically acclaimed release was well received and earned the band a spot on the prestigious ProgPower Festival in the Netherlands, as well as a European tour supporting Threshold. HEAVEN’S CRY supported the album’s North American release by performing alongside the likes of Anvil, Planet X, Arena, and Nightwish in 2004.

After taking a seven-year hiatus, the band recently released their third album, Wheels Of Impermanence, which Blistering.com labeled as “power metal majesty.”

The band supported the release by headlining the ProgPower Festival in the Netherlands in October and are scheduled to take part in the ProgPower USA Festival in 2013.

For more information on the band, please visit: http://www.heavenscry.com/