Ex-DEMON HUNTER Guitarist Releases New Album, Video

Adrenaline PRDAMIEN DEADSON is the moniker, and brain-child of Ryan Helm. Once best known as the rhythm guitarist for the band Demon Hunter, Helm has taken on the title singer and songwriter, and does so with force. The band’s new album, Crown Me, Destroyer was released in May 2013 via Infamous Empire Records is now available on iTunes. Plus, a new music video for the track 15 Years of Hate is available via YouTube. Check out the video here: http://youtu.be/2-tqpcRRHe4.


DAMIEN DEADSON: Brain-Child of Ex-Demon Hunter Guitarist Ryan Helm

DAMIEN DEADSON has enough energy to power a small fleet of Panzer tanks. It’s a fuel that burns full-throttle, ignited by the heat of their lyrics and the power and passion of their music and performance. Hailing from Winston-Salem, NC, DAMIEN DEADSON fuses progressive metal with powerful groove oriented riffs. These songs are dark, rich, and hauntingly honest. Along with a virtuosic blend of crushing guitars, syncopated drums and raw emotional vocal honesty, DAMIEN DEADSON has a firm grasp on the power in mood setting in his playing and the honesty in his vocals.

For more information on DAMIEN DEADSON, visit https://www.facebook.com/damiendeadson or http://www.myspace.com/damiendeadson

ZOMBIFIED Album Coming In February

In continued partnership with Germany‘s Cyclone Empire RecordsMetal Blade Records will be releasing one of Cyclone’s most recent European releases in North America. Zombified’s Carnage Slaughter and Death will be released on February 5 via Metal Blade Records in North America. The Sweden-based death/grind act unleashed the album at the end of 2012 in Europe. The title track, as well as album pre-orders, can be found at metalblade.com/zombified. Plus, hear tracks from the new album on The Welding Room radio program.

Zombified was started as a two man project by guitarists P. Myrén and P. Fransson in the winter of 2006. After some beers, and a three song demo, they decided to assemble a full band and record an album.

They got in contact with the session members “Von Pest” and M. Askinen and with them they gave birth to the first album Zombified Slaughtermachine. After the release, M. Fiebig and R. Karlsson joined the band on drums and vocals and Zombified didn’t waste any time and created a new album called Carnage Slaughter And Death. Shortly thereafter, M. Fiebig decided to leave the band and a new drummer was found in J. Johansson.

Zombified Slaughtermachine led to the band signing with Cyclone Empire. Carnage Slaughter and Death will be released in February 2013 by Metal Blade Records in North America. Carnage Slaughter and Death was recorded at Shotgun Studios, which is owned and operated by the band. Additionally, the band is wasting no time and has already begun assembling material for a third album.

Patrik Myrén – Guitar
Pär Fransson – Guitar
Roberth Karlsson – Vocals and Bass
Jacob Johansson – Drums