The Welding Room Fantasy Hockey

Today is your last chance to join The Welding Room official NHL fantasy hockey league. No money won (or lost) unless you wager on the side.

Track the players, the teams, the greatest game in the world!

Live draft begins at 8:00pm ET

Join now!

Face Bush Elimination Video

The Welding Room host, Rik Johnson provides an update on the future of the mess upon his face. Plus, sign up for the not-so official NHL Fantasy Hockey League of The Welding Room at the link below.


Striking resemblance to Frankenstein (with a beard)

Sign up to play for FREE! You need Yahoo!, Ymail, or Log In via BookFace to join

League ID# 52055

Password: twr

Draft Date: Friday, January 18 @ 7pm EST (so getcher ass ready now!)

*Big Thanks to Mike Lopez for setting up the league