Prosthetic Records MP3 Sale

AMAZON MP3 is currently offering numerous albums from the PROSTHETIC RECORDS catalog in their current “Metal Sale” for only $5. Among the discounted titles are some of PROSTHETIC’s top releases from past and present artists, including KYLESA, LAMB OF GOD, GOJIRA, ANIMALS AS LEADERS, THE ACACIA STRAIN, SKELETONWITCH, TESTAMENT, MARTY FRIEDMAN, SCALE THE SUMMIT and dozens more. A full list of $5 albums available along with purchase links can be found below.

You can also download 14 FREE tracks via the PROSTHETIC RECORDS winter digital sampler exclusively on the label’s Facebook page (, which includes tracks from upcoming albums from both HOLY GRAIL (Ride The Void, out Jan. 22) and ANCIENT VVISDOM (Deathlike, out Feb. 5). You can pre-order both of these titles by clicking HERE or going to

Check out all of the below titles on sale for only $5 on Amazon now!

1349 – “Demonoir” –
The Acacia Strain – “Wormwood” –
The Acacia Strain – “Continent” –
The Acacia Strain – “3750″-
The Acacia Strain – “The Most Known Unknown” –
The Acacia Strain – “The Dead Walk” –
Ambassador Gun – “Golden Eagle” –
Animals As Leaders – “Animals As Leaders” –
Animals As Leaders – “Weightless” –
Ancient VVisdom – “A Godlike Inferno” –
Antagonist – “Exist” –
Antagonist – “World In Decline” –
Beneath The Massacre – “Incongruous” –
Beneath The Massacre – “Dystopia” –
Beneath The Massacre – “Maree Noire” –
Byzantine – “The Fundamental Component” –
Byzantine – “And They Shall Take Up Serpents” –
Byzantine – “Oblivion Beckons” –
Book of Black Earth – “The Cold Testament” –
Book of Black Earth – “Horoskopus” –
Black September – “Into The Darkness Into The Void” –
Black September – “The Forbidden Gates Beyond” –
Cannae – “Gold Becomes Sacrifice” –
Cannae – “Horror” –
Castle – “Blacklands” –
Century – “Black Ocean” –
Century – “Red Giant” –
Clinging To The Trees of a Forest Fire – “Songs of Ill Hope and Desperation” –
Crematorium – “For All Our Sins” –
Crematorium – “The Process of Endtime” –
Dew-Scented – “Icarus”  –
Dew-Scented – “Invocation” –
Dragged Into Sunlight – “Widowmaker” –
Dragged Into Sunlight – “Hatred For Mankind” –
The Esoteric – “With The Sureness of Sleepwalking” –
The Esoteric – “Subverter” –
Everything Went Black – “Cycles of Light” –
The Funeral Pyre – “The Nature of Betrayal” –
The Funeral Pyre – “Vultures At Dawn” –
The Funeral Pyre – “Wounds” –
Gojira – “The Way of All Flesh” –
Gojira – “From Mars To Sirius” –
The Greenery – “Spit & Argue” –
Grief of War – “Worship” –
Grief of War – “A Mounting Crisis…As Their Fury Got Released” –
Heaven’s Cry – “Wheels of Impermanence” –
Himsa – “Hail Horror” –
Himsa – “Courting Tragedy & Disaster” –
Hollow Corp. – “Cloister of Radiance” –
Holy Grail – “Crisis In Utopia” –
Hour of Penance – “Sedition” –
I Exist – “II: The Broken Passage” –
Infernaeon – “A Symphony of Suffering” –
Infernaeon – “Genesis To Nemesis” –
Invocation of Nehek – “Invocation of Nehek” –
Kylesa – “To Walk A Middle Course” –
Kylesa – “Time Will Fuse Its Worth” –
Kylesa – “Static Tensions” –
Lamb of God – “As The Palaces Burn” –
Light This City – “The Hero Cycle” –
Light This City – “Remains of the Gods” –
Light This City – “Facing The Thousand” –
Landmine Marathon – “Sovereign Descent” –
Landmine Marathon – “Rusted Eyes Awake” –
Landmine Marathon – “Gallows” –
Last Chance To Reason – “Level 2” –
Mantric – “The Descent” –
Marty Friedman – “Loudspeaker” –
Marty Friedman – “Future Addict” –
Marty Friedman – “Bad D.N.A.” –
Mercenary – “Metamorphosis” –
The Minor Times – “Making Enemies” –
The Minor Times – “Summer of Wolves” –
Mutilation Rites – “Empyrean” –
Neuraxis – “Asylon” –
Neuraxis – “The Thin Line Between” –
Ov Hell – “The Underworld Regime” –
Primitive Weapons – “The Shadow Gallery” –
Reflux – “The Illusion of Democracy” –
Scale The Summit – “The Collective” –
Scale The Summit – “Carving Desert Canyons” –
Skeletonwitch – “Forever Abomination” –
Skeletonwitch – “Beyond The Permafrost” –
Skeletonwitch – “Breathing The Fire” –
Testament – “Live In Eindhoven ’87” –
Testament – “Live at the Fillmore” –
Testament – “The Gathering” –
Testament – “First Strike Still Deadly” –
Testament – “Demonic” –
Through The Eyes of the Dead – “Malice” –
Through The Eyes of the Dead – “Bloodlust” –
Through The Eyes of the Dead – “Skepsis” –
Trap Them – “Darker Handcraft” –
Unholy – “New Life Behind Closed Eyes” –
White Arms of Athena – “Astrodrama” –
Withered – “Folie Circulaire” –
Withered – “Dualitas” –
Wolves Like Us – “Late Love” –
Zodiac – “A Bit of Devil” –


MARTY FRIEDMAN Double Album Available

After reissuing three acclaimed recent studio albums by legendary hard rock/heavy metal guitarist MARTY FRIEDMAN over the summer, Prosthetic Records is excited to now introduce North American audiences to the former Megadeth and Cacophony guitarist’s two Tokyo Jukebox albums. Released in Japan in 2009 and 2011, respectively, Tokyo Jukebox Vols. 1 & 2 – the 9th and 11th chapters in FRIEDMAN’s influential solo discography – were released in the U.S. for the first time as a limited-edition, specially-priced 2CD set featuring artwork exclusive to this pressing and new liner notes by FRIEDMAN himself.
Watch the Video

Soon after leaving MEGADETH following a 10-year run in which the iconic band sold some 10 million albums worldwide, FRIEDMAN – perhaps the most revered lead guitarist in thrash metal history – moved to Japan, where over the past decade he became a household name. Between his solo releases and collaborations with Japanese stars, he has played on and written numerous Top 10 hits (including two #1’s); he has also made hundreds of appearances on mainstream Japanese television and performed at legendary venues such as Budokan and the Tokyo Dome.

Tokyo Jukebox Vols. 1 & 2 feature energetic instrumental covers of Japanese pop (J-pop) songs that can be enjoyed by anyone with a sweet tooth for melody, and capture FRIEDMAN’s passion for the music of his adopted home country – although, as he warns in the liner notes for this release;
“I took the liberty of destroying and reconstructing them my own way” 
In the video above (also posted at Prosthetic’s newly-launched FRIEDMAN mini-site, where additional Tokyo Jukebox – related videos will be unveiled in the coming weeks), FRIEDMAN further describes the collection, calling it some of the heaviest and best work of his career:

FRIEDMAN recently completed a European tour. He hopes to make an overdue return to North America in 2013.

PROSTHETIC RECORDS Webstore Sale Final Hours

Prosthetic Records

Here’s your chance to raid the PROSTHETIC RECORDS webstore and get some of your favorite titles and merch for dirt cheap!
Until FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, EVERYTHING in the store will be 10% OFF!!!! 
All you have to do is enter the code “BF2012” at checkout to receive your discount.Don’t miss out on saving on exclusive pre-orders including the upcoming release from heavy metaller‘s HOLY GRAIL Ride the Void (out 1/22) as well as the limited edition vinyl of UK extreme metal band DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT’s  Widowmaker.

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In case you haven’t picked them  up already, check out the newest releases from CASTLE, BLACK SEPTEMBER, HEAVEN’S CRY, ZODIAC, AMBASSADOR GUN, DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT, & MARTY FRIEDMAN.