GOOD FOR YOU (Featuring Greg Ginn, Mike Vallely) Air Out New Album, Single

On February 26, SST Records will release Life is Too Short to Not Hold a Grudge, the debut album from GOOD FOR YOU, the brand new band featuring influential guitarist and bandleader Greg Ginn and professional skateboarder and musician Mike Vallely (aka Mike V). Featuring eleven uniquely distinct high-energy rock songs blistered with themes of betrayal, regret, disillusionment, resolve, determination and independence propelled by Ginn’s distinctive, stun-gun guitar, Life is Too Short to Not Hold a Grudge sets a new course for both musicians and delivers a strong statement of intent that begs to be heard. Now, the world famous skateboarding magazine Thrasher grinds the brand new track Stupid Me, a bulldozing cut that showcases Ginn at the top of his game as Vallely belts out mongo lyrics (“Tattoo it. To your flesh. Take it with you. To your death!”). Crank your stereo to 11 and soar with Stupid Me now!

Life is Too Short to Not Hold a Grudge features the traits of a benchmark release. Rarely is rock so pure and hard-hitting. Recorded at Ginn’s Casa Destroy Studios in Taylor, TX, Life is Too Short to Not Hold a Grudge teams the singular guitarist – named as one of both Rolling Stone and SPIN’s “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” – with the creative, aggressive Vallely for the first time since BLACK FLAG’s 2003 reunion shows in Los Angeles where Mike V performed the entire My War album from start to finish with the world renowned punk rock band at the invitation of Ginn.

Life is Too Short to Not Hold a Grudge is available to pre-order now (iTunes / SST Superstore).

Additionally, GOOD FOR YOU announced U.S. tour dates in support of the new album including live summer dates with Ginn and BLACK FLAG. Check the TOUR DATES page (click tab above) to view.

“I can’t wait to deliver these songs live with Mike,” said Ginn.

“I have the feeling that things are going to get wild.”

As the founder, guitarist and driving influence behind BLACK FLAG, Greg Ginn defined the west coast punk sound and the DIY ethos of punk rock. In many ways, Vallely is the perfect frontman to lead Ginn’s first hard rock band since the dissolution of BLACK FLAG. One of the most recognizable pro skateboarders on the planet today, Vallely (owner and creative mind behind Elephant Brand Skateboards) has earned a cross-cultural, worldwide fan base over the course of his two decade plus career as a professional skateboarder and years fronting the bands Mike V and The Rats and Revolution Mother (which played internationally with Danzig, Social Distortion and Bad Religion). Mike V also an actor, television personality and professional stuntman whose talents were featured in the hit movies Paul Blart: Mall Cop, the record-breaking The Hangover, which included a song written and performed by Vallely on its soundtrack (Mike V will also appear in the upcoming sequel The Hangover III) and the 2012 film Red Dawn (based on the 1984 film of the same name) among others. The vocalist first saw BLACK FLAG perform at City Gardens in Trenton, New Jersey in 1984, crediting it as a life changing experience. Greg and Mike first met in Long Beach, CA in May 2003 when Mike V And The Rats started a supporting run of shows for Greg that would eventually lead to the guest vocal spot at the BLACK FLAG reunion shows. A friendship was formed and the two have kept in touch through the years with the intention of collaborating on new music at some point. In February 2012, Ginn presented Vallely with new music and the singer spent the next five months filling notebooks with lyrics. The duo’s intense songwriting chemistry generated both a solid set of dynamic songs that would become Life Is Too Short To Not Hold A Grudge and the formation of an entirely new band: GOOD FOR YOU.

Track listing:

Side A:

1.) I’d Rather Die
2.) No Plan B
3.) Free
4.) Hanging Around
5.) Knife in the Face

Side B:

1.) Stupid Me
2.) Good Sport
3.) It’s Just Business
4.) Dreams
5.) Blaze of Glory
6.) True Companion

“Good For You’s gnarled, snarling debut-the aptly named Life Is Too Short To Not Hold A Grudge-is the closest thing to classic Black Flag that Ginn has pumped out since, well, Black Flag…this one rocks. Hard.” – THE ONION

THE SHRINE debut Whistlings of Death video

(Venice, CA) “Destroyers of Rock ‘n’ Roll” THE SHRINE released their new album Primitive Blast this summer and just returned from their first European tour (alongside stoner rock veterans Fu Manchu). Today, VICE’s Noisey premieres THE SHRINE’s new music video Whistlings of Death, a true-to-life mashup of everything the band lives for: skating pools, having fun and hammering home heavy, psychedelic, riff based rock. Whistlings of Death was shot and edited by Amanda Siegel (on super 8 and 16mm film) with extra footage contributed by Coan Buddy Nichols.
Primitive Blast has met rave reviews since its release, being called “collision of ’70s headiness and ’80s hardcore angst” by the LA Weekly, and “heavy, hilarious, fast and loud” by ESPN. SPIN says THE SHRINE are “Shit-kicking SoCal pool-skaters (that) bridge Black Flag and Sabbath via Cro-Mag hooks and high energy sludge” and the band was just spotlighted as part of the Converse x Decibel series “talking rock and skateboarding” as they turn “found space and hideous architecture into skate heaven. THE SHRINE are the real deal, folks.
Check out legendary skater Mike Vallely “killing Double Rock” to THE SHRINE‘s Primitive Blast at this location!
THE SHRINE is Josh Landau (guitar / vocals), Courtland Murphy (bass) and Jeff Murray (drums).      
“Although they draw from multiple genres, THE SHRINE defies the categories of metal or punk, thrash or doom, creating a sound uniquely their own, which they’ve christened “psychedelic violence.” One of the first to recognize and help foster their sound was none other than original Black Flag bass player and co-owner of SST Records, the legendary Chuck Dukowski…heavy, hilarious, fast and loud” – ESPN

“Primitive Blast is packed with three-minute bursts of stoner rock riffage and ’80s-style ax shredding, atop a whiplash rhythm section. The lyrics, howled by Landau through his shoulder-length hair, alternate between heavy-metal ominous and party-on anthemic.” – Venice Mar-Vista Patch

Primitive Blast finds THE SHRINE ripping through blues-indebted hard rock/hardcore with great success. Sure, the style has been done plenty of times before (Bits of DNA come from Mudhoney, Black Sabbath, Big Business and definitely the Stooges) but this kind of music is too primal to deny.” PUNK NEWS

“THE SHRINE plays music that, by design, gets to the point. There’s no filler here, there’s no pretense and no buildup, it’s just pure hardcore intensity, rage and passion all to be taken with a grain of salt of course. This is punk rock for the new vinyl generation. It’s crossover thrash played through Orange amps. This is what you should be listening to this summer when you hop your neighbors fence, drain their pool and skate the shit out of that motherfucker.” – HEAVY PLANET