GOG Premiere New Video

Phoenix, Arizona‘s GOG will release Ironworks on September 3 in North America (August 30, rest of world) on CD and digitally via Season of Mist. The noise/experimental project premiered a music video from their forthcoming record, Ironworks. The video track, titled 1870-1906 is now streaming via Cvlt Nation.

The album, an ode to the death of the American dream, was recorded in a late 19th century/20th century blacksmith shop. Pre-order Ironworks through the Season of Mist E-Shop. Ironworks was originally only released as an LP.


1. 1870-1906

2. Tasks Which Destroy Body And Soul

3. God Says To Love You In Chains

4. A Promised Eternity Fulfilled With Cancer

5. Into Her, She Carved The Word Empty

6. I Draw My Strength From You

Masterminded by Michael Bjella, GOG toiled in the underground noise community for a decade, releasing records that have been widely respected and regarded as essential in experimental/noise/soundscape circles.

On the band, Michael Bjella states:

“I started GOG to explore the darker sides of thought and life. I want to create things without restriction and form that can transport people and possibly make them confront their own fears. Things that are truly dark but have contrast. To borrow a line from one of my favorite artists, in case there might be harmony, then it is the harmony of accident, of chaos. I’m not trying to make harmony.”

For more info visit: Season of Mist website, and the official GOG Facebook page

“At its darkest, Gog is an imposing glorification of nothing. At its brightest, Gog is our saviour. A swirling vortex of white and black, virtue and nihil, that finds equilibrium in entrancing drone” – LURKERS PATH

MURMUR Signs To Season Of Mist

Season of Mist is proud to announce the signing of experimental black metal outfit MURMUR. The band is slated to release a forthcoming album as part of the Underground Activist Division.

Regarding the signing, the band said:

“We are extremely excited to be working with Season of Mist, and to have the opportunity to reach a wider audience,”

Guitarist Matthias Vogels adds,

“MURMUR started as a depressive black metal project with the debut Mainlining the Lugubrious, but after a pretty significant line-up change as well as a strong desire to satisfy my eclectic musical tastes, MURMUR has mutated into a fusion of black metal with progressive rock, zeuhl, and 1970’s style jazz fusion. We continue to grow and mutate our sound with every new piece. For a long time I thought we were trying to find our niche with all the experimentation, but it seems to me that our niche is not having one at all. MURMUR’s future goals are to continue writing and release another full-length within the next 1-2 years. Another major goal is to embark on US and European tours.”


Originally formed in 2007 in Chicago, IL, MURMUR created ripples in the underground black metal scene with the release of their fierce and disturbing debut album in 2010. Relying on their melancholic and cold approach to nihilistic black metal, MURMUR embarked on an even stranger but no less frightening musical journey on a split EP with NACHTMYSTIUM the following year, which earned catapulted the band into international acclaim.

MURMUR Facebook page

DISPERSE Offer Free Download, Announce Contest

Progressive metal outfit DISPERSE are offering a free download of the track Profane the Ground, off of their Season of Mist debut, Living Mirrors. The free download is available now on the DISPERSE Bandcamp page

Additionally, the band announced a Profane the Ground lyric video contest. They’re looking for fan created and submitted lyric videos to post to their official Facebook Page up until April 15. Winners will be chosen by the band, two runner up’s will receive DISPERSE prize packs. The grand prize winner will receive both the DISPERSE prize pack, as well as a massive Season of Mist prize pack.

Their first music video, for the track Enigma of Abode is available for viewing here

DISPERSE’ Season of Mist debut Living Mirrors sees the band creating instantly memorable songs that balance amazing technical skills with elegance and passion. The dynamic quartet make it all look easy as they inject their own style into a modern take on intelligent, progressive metal and rock. The album is streaming in full here.

Living Mirrors is available now at the Season of Mist E-Shop.


NE OBLIVISCARIS Sign To Season Of Mist

Season of Mist, French independent label for Metal and Rock

Season of Mist is proud to announce the signing of Australian progressive, extreme metal outfit NE OBLIVISCARIS.

NE OBLIVISCARIS (pictured): Benjamin Baret (Lead Guitar), Matt Klavins (Guitar), Brendan “Cygnus” Brown (Bass), Dan Presland (Drums), Tim Charles (Violin/Vocals) & Xenoyr (Vocals)

Melbourne‘s NE OBLIVISCARIS stand on their own by infusing their metal with western art music, jazz, and flamenco. With adventurous, progressive, and nuanced compositions often exceeding ten minutes in length, NE OBLIVISCARIS is a band with profound depth and a musical proficiency at the highest levels.

With their first demo The Aurora Veil in 2007, NE OBLIVISCARIS garnered significant word-of-mouth within the metal underground. In 2012, their self produced debut album, Portal of I showcased their unique array of influences and dynamic songwriting, and sent shock waves through the metal underground once again. Met with even more praise, Portal of I made several “Best of 2012” lists (Metal Hammer Germany, No Clean Singing, Metal Injection)

Preview Portal of I here

Regarding the signing, the band released the following statement:

“For us as a band, signing to Season of Mist, one of the best independent metal labels in the world, a label that’s roster includes some of our all time favorite bands and influences, is quite surreal. We worked for many years to get our debut album Portal Of I out there for the world to hear and for it’s reception to have been so overwhelmingly positive, and for a label like this to not only love our music, but believe we can go places in the worldwide metal scene is incredible. It is one of those things that just gives us even more motivation to keep composing and performing and trying to take NE OBLIVISCARIS as far as we can to as many people across the world as possible.”

NE OBLIVISCARIS toured their native Australia with SOILWORK, SUFFOCATION, PSYCROPTIC, and more. The band also played several revered festivals like Prog Power, Bloodline, and Sonic Forge.

They are currently in the middle of writing their Season of Mist debut with plans to record late 2013.

“Epic. Masterpiece. Mind-blowing. Superlative, superlative, superlative. It’s hard to hide my excitement here; Portal Of I, down to its final note, is the perfect metal album” – Metal Injection

Portal of I is a full-spectrum metal experience well worth the time and effort required. It combines the best of many different styles into one fluid musical journey that’s equal parts breathtaking prog and extreme blackened death metal– Metal Underground


IMPERIUM DEKADENZ Set Album Release Date

Season of Mist, French independent label for Metal and Rock


German Black metallers IMPERIUM DEKADENZ set Meadows of Nostalgia as the title of their forthcoming album. The follow-up to 2010’s successful Procella Vadens will be released on March 15 (March 19 in North America).

Cover artwork and the various formats will be unveiled at a later date.

IMPERIUM DEKADENZ previous album, Procella Vadens is available on Season of Mist’s e-shop in Digipak edition.


BLACKLODGE: Sign to Season of Mist

For Immediate Release:

(Philadelphia, PA) Industrial black metal outfit BLACKLODGE have signed to Season of Mist. The bands first record on Season of Mist’s Underground Activists division is already completed and will be released later this year.

The band commented: “BLACKLODGE uncovers with fervor a new conspiracy with Season of Mist to release their forthcoming album in 2012. The band is proud to join the label‘s quality squadron in order to weave a stronger web worldwide and push the venom of Industrial Black Metal to a higher level of toxicity.”