ROADRUNNER RECORDS Extreme Metal 101 Boxes Out Now

ROADRUNNER RECORDSThe digital-only boxed sets Extreme Metal 101, Volumes 1-4, are available now. Each of these sets includes five crushing releases from the Roadrunner catalog, including four albums never before available digitally. Each box is $24.99, and they’re available on iTunes and via other digital music retailers.

Here’s what you get:

Extreme Metal 101, Vol. 1 

Deicide, Deicide 

Malevolent Creation, The Ten Commandments 

Obituary, Slowly We Rot 

Pestilence, Consuming Impulse 

Suffocation, Pierced From Within

Get it now on iTunes


Extreme Metal 101 Vol. 2

 Brujeria, Matando Gueros 

Carnivore, Retaliation 

Death, Symbolic 

Gorguts, Considered Dead 

Immolation, Dawn of Possession (available digitally for the first time)

Get it now on iTunes


Extreme Metal 101 Vol. 3 

Cynic, Focus 

Deicide, Legion

Obituary, Cause of Death 

Pestilence, Testimony of the Ancients 

Sadus, Chemical Exposure (available digitally for the first time)

Get it now on iTunes


Extreme Metal 101 Vol. 4

Annihilator, Alice in Hell 

Cerebral Fix, Bastards (available digitally for the first time)

Defiance, Beyond Recognition (available digitally for the first time)

Exhorder, The Law

Fear Factory, Soul of a New Machine



Roadrunner Records is teaming up with to premiere the video for Gojira’s “The Gift of Guilt,” as well as bring you a six-song split live EP featuring Gojira and Kvelertak! The track listing is as follows:

click here to WATCH NOW!

1. Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage
2. Gojira – The Axe
3. Gojira – The Gift of Guilt
4. Kvelertak – Bruane Brenn
5. Kvelertak – Evig Vandrar
6. Kvelertak – Kvelertak

Watch the video and proceed to the download page now!


SCAR THE MARTYR Stream New Single

Scar the Martyr’s “Blood Host,” the first song from their self-titled debut due out October 1, is streaming now exclusively on! The band features Joey Jordison (Slipknot) on drums, Kris Norris (Darkest Hour) and Jed Simon (Strapping Young Lad, Tenet) on guitars, Kyle Konkiel on bass, and Henry Derek on vocals.

Scar the Martyr will embark on their first US tour in one week, with Danzig and Huntress; dates and ticket links are below!

08/09/2013 Sound Academy Toronto, ON
08/10/2013 The Studio At Webster Hall New York, NY
08/13/2013 Sands Bethlehem Event Center Bethlehem, PA
08/14/2013 Newport Music Hall Columbus, OH
08/16/2013 Congress Theatre Chicago, IL
08/17/2013 Myth Maplewood, MN
08/18/2013 Bourbon Theater Lincoln, NE
08/20/2013 The Great Salt Air Magna, UT
08/21/2013 Revolution Center Boise, ID
08/22/2013 Roseland Theater Portland, OR
08/24/2013 Flames Central Calgary, AB
08/25/2013 Union Hall Edmonton, CA
08/27/2013 Commodore Ballroom Vancouver, AB
08/28/2013 Showbox SoDo Seattle, WA
08/30/2013 Gibson Amphitheatre @ Universal City Walk Universal City, CA
08/31/2013 Marquee Theatre Tempe, AZ

MUTINY WITHIN: Another New Single, Video & Anti-Piracy Thing

Inline image 1

The official release date for the second MUTINY WITHIN album, Synchronicity, is quickly approaching.

In line with the holiday spirit, MUTINY WITHIN partnered with The New Review to stream a very merry Christmas present in the form of their second single, Machines.

MUTINY WITHIN also just launched an anti-piracy campaign with music video director/editor Tommy Jones (the studio) with an endeavor called IndustryEmbers.  The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about music piracy and to support buying music.

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 Purchase Embers


MUTINY WITHIN Activate Anti-Piracy Thing, New Single

MUTINY WITHIN is giving fans a full taste of their upcoming album Synchronicity with the release of their first single Embers.

The band released a music video directed and produced by Tommy Jones (Suffocation, Kataklysm, Soilwork, All Shall Perish) for the song Embers, in partnership with Metal Injection.

The song is also available for purchase via MUTINY WITHIN Bandcamp

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MUTINY WITHIN also partnered with Tommy Jones (the studio) in a brand new anti-piracy movement called Industry Embers.

In a society where downloading music for free has become accepted and even the norm, people on the outside rarely are able to grasp the true effects of their stealing and how it trickles down to all the aspects of the entire music industry.

Industry Embers is an anti-piracy organization and movement. The goal is to have individuals from different facets of the music industry spread the truth about the damaging effects piracy has on the music industry as a whole.

If you are purchasing music via service-based options, digital downloads, physical CDs, or vinyl, and paying the asking price, the industry salutes you. Industry Embers encourage fans and supporters of music and the Industry Embers objective to tweet their music purchases, regardless of genre, to @IndustryEmbers with the hashtag #BuyMusicOrItsByeMusic.

Inline image 2

Jones and MUTINY WITHIN know the downside to piracy all too well.

Jones notes,

“The guys in Mutiny Within were perfect examples of the difficulty an extremely talented new band faces to succeed in this age of online piracy, even after being signed to one of the largest metal labels.”

If you are reading this message, then you too are affected by piracy.  Support music.  Educate yourself.

Purchase “Embers”

Watch the “Embers” music video


MUTINY WITHIN Announce Album Release Date

Many people have a countdown until December 21, 2012.  The time has come for a new countdown: January 12, 2013.  Modern metal juggernauts MUTINY WITHIN have announced the official release date of their long awaited sophomore albumSynchronicity, for January 12, 2013.

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MUTINY WITHIN made waves in the metal community early in their career by joining the Roadrunner Records roster and touring endlessly on the heels of their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album.  Having half the lineup live across the great Atlantic pond and having serious financial difficulties due to the rampant piracy in the music industryMUTINY WITHIN was forced to go on hiatus in 2011.  That was the end of the touring band, but not the end of their music.  Epic metal music can not be contained – not even by the one-eyed pirates of the tumultuous thief infested world we call the “music industry”.  MUTINY WITHIN had so many good ideas and music ready to go, founding member/songwriter AJ and singer Chris Clancy decided to finish what they started and put out the next evolutionary sound of MUTINY WITHIN in the form of the self-produced Synchronicity.

The road is far from over for MUTINY WITHIN, and fans can look forward to many surprises leading up to the highly anticipated release of Synchronicity.

Mutiny Within II: Synchronicity album teaser.




DAVID KINKADE (old) NEWS – Moving stuff around on

The Welding Room Chicago BS newsdesk correspondant, David Kinkade could be relocating to Arizona. The former Borknagar drummist & current friend to our program has been officially named to the drummer position for Max Cavalera‘s Soulfly.

Earlier in the week, Kinkade a sent text to TWR host Rik Johnson describing the new (Soulfly album) like “Arise on crack or speed.” He was referring to the 1991 break-through Sepultura album. keeps it brief;

Soulfly has added drummer David Kinkade (of Borknagar) to the line-up for the eighth studio album. David is best known for his high speed of playing as well as his blast-beats.

The band is proud to have him come aboard and we ask you all to give him a “Like” on his Facebook page by clicking Here

Good luck, Davey baby!

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