SPIRALARMS Streaming New Album

East Bay Heavy Rockers SpiralArms released their second album, Freedom in North America today via Steamhammer/SPV. In anticipation of the release Noisecreep is hosting an exclusive full album stream HERE. The album can be ordered on Amazon and iTunes.

The video for the song “Dropping Like Flies” can be viewed HERE.

SpiralArms rose from the ashes of millennial bands SystematicForbidden and Man Made God. This sextet has one mission. That mission is to save today’s music scene by bringing true heavy melodic rock to the forefront.  And they plan on doing this with Freedom.

Freedom’s down-to-earth and very dynamic production also deserves a mention. The album oozes a liveliness, which many other bands tend to lose in the studio.

“We always work at the studio as a full band,” says Locicero.

“The basic tracks of the new album were recorded in just about 16 hours, the rest was recorded by and by, but always in the same spirit. From the beginning, we never lost sight of our vision and that special flair which our new songs have.”

Just like rock fans shouldn’t lose sight of SprialArms if they don’t want to miss one of the hottest contemporary rock acts. Freedom will cut its own path, that’s for sure, particularly since SpiralArms can’t wait to tour on these shores:

“We hope to be able to come to Europe next spring at the latest. We haven’t forgotten the positive reactions to our show at the 2007 Graspop, where we were the only band without a record deal. That’s why we can hardly wait to play in Europe again.”


Tim Narducci – Vocals/Guitar

Craig Locicero – Guitar

Anthony Traslavina – Guitar

Cornbread – Bass/Vocal

Brad Barth – Keyboards

Ron Redeen – Drums

For More Info Visit: http://www.spiralarms.com  https://www.facebook.com/spiralarmsband

DARKHAUS Sign Worldwide Deal With SPV


An Intercontinental Modern Rock outfit consisting of 5 men from 4 representative countries (Scotland, US, Germany, Austria).

Band maestro Rupert Keplinger is a multi-platinum songwriter/composer best known for his collaborations with top selling artists such as Eisbrecher, Stephan Weidner, Oomph! and Peter Maffay, among others.

(pictured from left to right): Marshall Stephens, Gero Herrde (A&R SPV GmbH), Kenny Hanlon, Rupert Keplinger, Gary Meskil, Paul Keller

DARKHAUS co-creator Gary Meskil (founder of legendary US hardcore band PRO-PAIN) describes their sound as “stylistically versatile, dark and emotional, but with much light to be found at the end of the proverbial tunnel.”

The 5 architects of DARKHAUS combine their best efforts to present an ambitious and diverse plethora of songs which combine the urgency of true rock´n´roll, the epic moments which define great acts, and those “catchy hooks and melodies” like those which have been delivered straight to your ears via radio stations around the world throughout modern time.

For fans of emotionally inspired songwriting which has the power to move one’s body, mind, and soul.

 “I’ve always wanted to make music like this some day which is totally different from what I’m usually known for. Aside from Punk and Hardcore, I grew up with bands like The Cure, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Bauhaus and Depeche Mode – and those left a mark on me. With DARKHAUS, I can finally make it happen!”  – Gary Meskil

“Not only has every single member of DARKHAUS already proven their musical capabilities and skills – it’s the mixture of characters combined with the ambition to produce music that is totally opposed to what they did earlier. Oblivion/Steamhammer (SPV) is the perfect home for this. We’re glad to be able to work this.” – SPV A&R Gero Herrde

The DARKHAUS album debut will be released in Fall 2013 on Oblivion/Steamhammer (SPV).

More information about the band at www.darkhausmusic.com

Kenny Hanlon – vocals
Rupert Keplinger – guitars, synth
Marshall Stephens – guitars
Gary Meskil – bass
Paul Keller – drums


HIRAX Signs with Steamhammer/SPV

New Album Coming in September 2013

Legendary thrash metal band HIRAX has inked a worldwide deal with Steamhammer/SPV.

HIRAX front man, Katon W. De Pena, on signing to SPV:

“We are honored to now be a part of the SPV Records family and we appreciate their total support of our thrash metal music. Together we are going to bring the heavy metal music world one hell of a skull crushing album in 2013.”

Steamhammer/SPV A&R, Olly Hahn adds:

” It´s an honor to have Katon and Hirax on our label. Through all the years Katon held the flag of metal high and also played places of the earth where nobody would. It´s time for another raging violence!”

HIRAX will enter the studio early 2013 for a release in September followed by a world tour.

Live Dates:

12/22 Los Angeles,CA – Key Club (together with Agent Steel)

2/16 Mexico City – Circo Volador (together with Malevolant Creation)

Full Album Listening Parties For SPV Artists

January 16, 2012

For Immediate Release:

Full Album Listening Parties For SPV Artists

New Releases Available January 17th

January 17, 2012 sees a host of new releases from German Record Label Powerhouse SPV. AOL Music is hosting three exclusive full album listening parties from these releases including LENINGRAD COWBOYS “Buena Vodka Social Club”, TOUCHSTONE “The City Sleeps“, and SEP7EMBER‘s “Strange Ways of Going Home”.


LENINGRAD COWBOYS “Buena Vodka Social Club”

Once known from Aki Kaurismäki‘s movies as “the ultimate cult band”, the band’s worldwide respected for their unique live shows. During their 20 plus years, they have performed more than 1000 shows in more than 60 countries. They have produced massive joint concerts with the Red Army Choir, confused audiences at the MTV Music Awards and performed with classical orchestras and played in hundreds of festivals and clubs.

The new album shows a band at the height of their powers and this is their first studio album with original songs since 2000. “Buena Vodka Social Club” is not an ordinary album in any way. It has influences and flavors from many different genres, all mixed into a soup that only this band knows how to cook.

Listen to the AOL Full Album Listening Party HERE, and then order the album HERE.

TOUCHSTONE “The City Sleeps”

In this exciting new album, the band venture into familiar ‘Touchstone Rock’ territory with the dynamic, moving epics: The City Sleeps, and When Shadows Fall.

“The City Sleeps” is a sequel to the title track of TOUCHSTONE’s previous album, “Wintercoast”and we can exclusively reveal that Anna-Marie Wayne, actress and daughter of Jeff Wayne, adds her substantial voice-over talent to the title track.

There are also some exciting departures for the band venturing into the more melodic rock areas. And then there is the downright crazy in “Good Boy Psycho”, where the mental twists and turns of this psychotic rollercoaster of a track leave you gasping for breath!

Listen to the AOL Full Album Listening Party HERE and then order the album HERE.

SEP7EMBER “Strange Ways of Going Home”

Risen from the frankfurt underground  +  in the practice room: working hard and having hard doubts, being awake and crashing on the spot  +  on stage: a loose cannon  +  the music: merciless guitars meet hypnotic vocals, or: merciless vocals meet hypnotic guitars, or simply said: hardpop  +  the current formation exists since 2007  +  since 2007 they sweat out their new songs, torture their marshalls, experience the intoxication of the perfect act on stage, they privately publish an ep and know exactly that their day will come  +  at the end of  2010 SEP7EMBER meets their new management, who doesn`t want to sleep until a record deal has been landed  +  june 2011: SEP7EMBER signs an international contract with spv +  september 2011: the album Strange Ways Of Going Home goes public  +  impressed by what the 80ies punk left behind, combined with a modern and peculiar sound  +  12 songs, recorded in the ultraton-studios  +  emotional, charged with energy, fat and no compromise  +  the answer to all who have lost faith in noisy, barefaced and rock’n’roll  +  current balance: 1900 torn guitar strings, 250 busted drum sticks, 37 fan testimonials, 2 fired managers, thousands of beers, 0 groupies and only one thought: bands come, bands go, SEP7EMBER is here.

Listen to the AOL Full Album Listening Party HERE and then order the album HERE.